Posted: 08.02.2024 12:15:21

Lebedev: Azerbaijani presidential elections were competitive and alternative

Early presidential elections held in Azerbaijan on February 7th were competitive and alternative. The convincing victory of incumbent President Ilham Aliyev was ensured by his indisputable authority among citizens – as stated by Head of the CIS observation mission, CIS Secretary General Sergei Lebedev, TASS reports.

“Most importantly, the elections were alternative and competitive. The organisers of elections in the CIS space are periodically being accused that the elections are non-competitive and there is no alternative. There was an alternative in our case: seven candidates, all of them are decent people,” Sergei Lebedev noted.

The CIS Secretary General stressed that the observers from the Commonwealth studied the biographies and programmes of all seven candidates. “The programmes are solid, balanced and aimed at further development of Azerbaijan, strengthening peace and stability in the region. There was competition, there was an alternative for voters.”

Sergei Lebedev emphasised that the indisputable authority of Ilham Aliyev, who was nominated for a fifth term, ensured the result of the vote. “The convincing victory was evident and expected, not surprising at all. <...> I would not make a sensation out of it and a reason for criticism.”