Posted: 22.11.2021 16:59:00

Kluge left uncomfortable questions unanswered

Hans Kluge, the WHO Regional Director for Europe, who is visiting the transport and logistics centre near the Belarusian-Polish border where refugees are accommodated, left unanswered journalists' questions about gas poisoning and the use of water cannons

“It’s beyond my competence,” the WHO Regional Director for Europe had only a few words for reporters. The question of whether Mr. Kluge will get acquainted with the materials of Belarus’ Investigative Committee also remained unanswered.

Earlier today, the President emphasised: if international organisations’ representatives come to refugees simply to make a show on this topic, then they should not be allowed there. “If you come – well, help them. If you cannot organise a humanitarian corridor – well, tell me why you can't. You are welcome to help people in their daily routine. There is experience and there are huge finances concentrated in these international organisations,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

Belarus 1 TV reporter Aleksei Volkov revealed the details of Hans Kluge’s visit to the transport and logistics centre near the Belarusian-Polish border. “There is such a notion as a visit of courtesy in politics. No one is going to solve anything but it’s necessary to come, make some photos and pat children’s heads in front of a camera. Hans Kluge answered all questions of the journalists in the following way: of course, we see that the crisis is serious, we should help people, refugees are in quite difficult conditions, winter and its frosts are coming… Nevertheless, no concrete solutions have been proposed,” Mr. Volkov noted.

The reporter stressed that Hans Kluge was approached by several refugees at the centre. “They wanted to show him their medical documents – demonstrating that they need special medical care,” Mr. Volkov explained, adding, “True, several ambulances work here and, if necessary, [refugees] are taken to the Grodno hospital. However, of course, this is not enough if a person has some chronic diseases. He [Hans Kluge] smiled at everything. The most striking moment was when a girl approached him with a letter in English: she asked him to let her and her family [to Europe]. He looked at the paper and simply pushed the child away. Later, however, volunteers from his organisation showed it [a letter] but he replied, “Tell her thank you.” <...> Moreover, when asked of his reaction to the fact that many people, including journalists and refugees, had suffered because of gas, he said that we are part of a large international organisation, shrugged his shoulders and did not answer anything.”