Posted: 23.03.2023 17:37:00

Khrenin on new anti-aircraft missile regiment in Luninets: we adequately respond to challenges

The formation of a new anti-aircraft missile regiment in Luninets was an adequate response to the situation around our borders – as stated by Belarus’ Defence Minister Viktor Khrenin, BelTA reports

“The situation around our country is not becoming calmer, with the West actively militarising and the military potential near our borders growing. Ukraine is being pumped up with weapons while the Ukrainian leadership is showing unpredictability of its actions. We are forced to respond adequately to the challenges and threats that may arise within the framework of our country’s security. Therefore, it was decided to create a new anti-aircraft missile regiment on the basis of the existing military unit in Luninets,” Viktor Khrenin explained.

The new regiment is deployed 50km from the state border. “The best specialists have been moved, equipped with modern weapons. A good educational and material base has been created here. Barracks for military personnel have been equipped and a service house has been built for the families of military personnel. Places have been allocated for children in schools and kindergartens, and family members have been provided with employment,” said the Defence Minister.

Viktor Khrenin underlined that the issue of social security of servicemen and their families was a priority when forming a new regiment. “The President repeatedly says that the main task of the state is to provide housing for state employees and military personnel. Building a house for military personnel actually proves these words. Getting housing will be an incentive to perform tasks more efficiently and professionally. When a person isn’t worried about the rear, they will perform tasks better. This is an axiom,” Viktor Khrenin said, adding that with the regiment taking up combat duty, the combat potential of the Armed Forces will increase, as well as and the effectiveness of air defence.