Posted: 29.01.2024 09:31:00

Khodzhaev: Belarus will help African countries in healthcare sector development

Belarus will help African countries in the development of their healthcare sector – as stated by Healthcare Minister Aleksandr Khodzhaev in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel

When appointing Aleksandr Khodzhaev, the Head of State drew attention to the need to develop exports of services, including helping African countries to properly form their healthcare systems. "I did not have to start from scratch in this regard. Delegations have worked out all aspects of co-operation, there are those responsible for certain directions. We will analyse the agreements, determine the target points and closely monitor them, evaluating the effectiveness in different directions,” the Healthcare Minister said.

Mr. Khodzhaev added that the African region is partially new in terms of the competencies that the Healthcare Minister represents. "The interest of these countries in our direction is very great. Of course, this is also a pharmaceutical market that needs promotion and export expansion. Many of our services will be in demand there – such as training of specialists, for example. I think we can apply many aspects in these territories," he concluded.