Posted: 01.03.2024 17:47:00

Google's competitor in India introduced its own app store

The Indian IT company, PhonePe, has launched its Indus AppStore as an analogue to the American Google Play and Apple's AppStore, TASS reports


PhonePe's press release following the recent launch ceremony in New Delhi says that Indus AppStore is the company’s attempt to create a more competitive and locally oriented application market for India, which is already the largest one in the world in terms of downloads.

According to PhonePe, 200 thousand applications and games are available in the store in 45 different categories. The interface is available in 12 languages common in India, which will make the marketplace accessible to 95 percent of the country's population.

During the year, the application developers will be exempt from payments to the platform for the placement of their product. In addition, users will be able to pay for in-app purchases through third-party services. PhonePe also plans to introduce its own payment system for such purchases later, but the platform will still preserve the opportunity for developers to use the services of third-party companies. As noted by PhonePe, Indus AppStore has become the first app store to use such a system.