Posted: 09.02.2024 09:53:00

FM: relations of Belarus, Uzbekistan and their leaders stand out for high quality

The relations between Belarus and Uzbekistan and their heads of state are truly of a high quality – as noted by Belarus’ Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik following the talks in Tashkent between the presidents of Belarus and Uzbekistan, Aleksandr Lukashenko and Shavkat Mirziyoyev


“The extensive negotiations between the heads of state confirmed the historical nature of the visit. I can confidently assert that the relations between Belarus and Uzbekistan and the leaders of our states today are of a high quality. A thorough conversation tackled all areas of bilateral liaisons, without exception, and the 2024-2025 co-operation development roadmap was signed. The latter includes 81 events, also envisaging industrial co-operation projects and access to joint high-tech export-oriented production,” Sergei Aleinik informed. “The parties discussed the joining of the markets of third countries, primarily Afghanistan, and we will implement all these plans in the near future – focusing on multi-level strategic co-operation, which our countries intend to intensify. The thesis that Uzbekistan is Belarus’ main country in Central Asia was clearly voiced. Summing up the work of our delegation over several days, I can say that we have prepared a package of 45 bilateral documents, and among them are bilateral interdepartmental, interregional agreements, and a number of contracts worth about $150m in total. This is a serious contribution to our relationships that were established thirty years ago. Since then, 70 documents have been signed by our states, and the volume of today's agreements confirms the strategic nature of our relations and our commitment to a quick progress.”