Posted: 03.03.2022 16:30:00

Five main achievements of Belarus’ healthcare system

Belarus’ Healthcare Minister, Dmitry Pinevich, has informed on the five tasks set for the national healthcare system in 2021

“The healthcare system faced five tasks that – as I consider – have been met. Firstly, non-routine functioning of the healthcare system. Secondly, development of infrastructure: 27 large healthcare facilities were commissioned last year. Thirdly, human resources: of course, there are still issues in this regard but, over the past year, staff availability strengthened in general. Fourthly, development of the healthcare system: we adopted the Law on Healthcare. Fifthly, strategic planning. The latter is envisaged by the Constitution adopted by Belarusians: it outlines the priorities of quality, free-of-charge basis, availability and affordability of medical care. At the same time, it reads that everyone should take care of their health,” Mr. Pinevich said.