Posted: 05.04.2023 17:10:00

Expert: Ukrainian military tired of conflict

There is a certain fatigue from the current conflict within the Ukrainian army – as noted by political scientist Aleksei Dzermant in his talk with the Soloviev Live TV channel

The expert noted that, delivering his annual Address to the Belarusian People and the National Assembly, President Aleksandr Lukashenko proposed to stop hostilities in Ukraine.

“If we listen to what the President said about Ukraine, we get a picture of the Belarusian leader’s very good awareness thanks to intelligence data about what is happening in Ukraine, including among the military. <...> There’s a certain fatigue among Ukrainian soldiers from the conflict. I think that the main addressee of the President’s proposals is the Ukrainian military or some forces in general that do not want to fight and die,” said Aleksei Dzermant.

The political expert recalled that the President invited the Ukrainians to lay down their arms and start negotiating with Russia.

“I think that this is the central message, addressed primarily to Ukrainians, whoever they are: military, middle-level power or someone else,” said the expert.

“The President recognises the subjectivity of a part of the Ukrainian people and says that there’re only two options left: to die for the Kiev authorities or try to negotiate. That is, one must either surrender or negotiate; in wartime conditions, different options are possible. But this is already some kind of solution for those Ukrainians who simply do not want to disappear into this meat grinder,” the political analyst added.