Posted: 20.02.2024 18:01:22

Expert: Single Voting Day contributes to strengthening Belarus’ electoral sovereignty

Belarus is improving the election observation process, notably, the observation institute is functioning effectively. Political expert Piotr Petrovsky explained how the issue of the legitimacy of elections is being addressed today through the prism of observing them.

“Legitimacy, that is, the recognition of elections, is determined not abroad, but by the citizens of Belarus within the country. Therefore, the very idea that the OSCE and any other international organisation determine the legitimacy of elections is fundamentally wrong,” Mr. Petrovsky noted. 

“Inviting international observers is an act of goodwill and a diplomatic courtesy of the country holding the elections. The vast majority of Western countries do not invite international observers. The Republic of Belarus is an open country. Therefore, it has become our practice to invite international observers to the most important election campaigns,” the analyst noted. 

“Today, a multipolar world order is being formed, and Western organisations are losing their monopoly, including on the organisation of international observation. In Belarus, the 2024 election campaign is actively attended by international observer missions from the Commonwealth of Independent States (50 people, long-term and short-term observers) and the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO), which demonstrates the openness and transparency of our country to the international community,” the expert added.  

“These observers monitor the election campaign, primarily based on the implementation of the principles and rules of national legislation (the Electoral Code of the Republic of Belarus, the Constitution), as well as actually approved international obligations. Unlike OSCE representatives, missions from the CIS and the SCO use generally accepted and approved observation standards. The Central Election Commission of Belarus has prepared about 300 packages of documents for international observers. Work is also underway in the CIS to develop and implement standards for conducting election campaigns. They will be adopted soon. There have been no cases of influence on the election results in world practice, which demonstrates their respect for the national sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus,” Piotr Petrovsky summarised.