Posted: 13.03.2024 16:57:11

Expert: it is impossible to talk to Belarus from position of strength, it is able to defend its sovereignty

The Lithuanian authorities have decided to close two more checkpoints – Lavoriskes-Kotlovka and Raigardas-Privalka – on the border with Belarus from March 1st, 2024. As part of the unfriendly actions, Poland is tightening the border regime, and has built a fence on the border territory of Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. Political analyst Vadim Borovik explained why the possibility of external intervention from the Baltic States and Poland cannot be ruled out and who is engaged in attempts to destabilise the situation in Belarus in his talk with Alfa Radio.

The political analyst noted that Belarusian western neighbours have a clear image of the enemy in the faces of Belarus and Russia, “They also have a policy that is absolutely contrary to national interests in trade and economic relations, in matters of the movement of goods and commodities. They block our border, make harsh statements, and drones are constantly flying over our territory.”

Poland and Lithuania are actively working to destroy healthy, respectful, and mutually beneficial relations and are consistently building an iron curtain on the western borders of the Union State. The purpose of such a policy is to create an image of the enemy in the faces of Russians and Belarusians.

Vadim Borovik stressed that a serious analysis is currently being conducted by the relevant services in the leading NATO intelligence centres, including in the Baltic States and Poland, “The latter are rather slaves, not leaders. Nevertheless, under the guidance of Washington, they are doing very serious work to analyse the domestic political and economic situation in Belarus. They are looking for vulnerable sides, trying to work in labour collectives and to cause resonance and then exploit it to destabilise the situation.”

The authorities of Poland and Lithuania provide their territory as a bridgehead for organising dangerous provocations and possible aggression against the Union State.

Vadim Borovik added that the law enforcement agencies are doing a lot of work ‘in order to identify citizens who may be trying to destabilise this situation from within, find those who are trying to become opinion leaders and casting their line from afar, and look for vulnerabilities in Belarusian problems, including in the information ones’.

The political analyst also drew attention to the fact that our country will be under more pressure during the election campaign, “We are now forming the Belarusian People’s Congress, and the Council of the Republic will be formed in the next month as well. Obviously, we must understand that they will increase this pressure by the presidential elections, they will work with information, destroy and weaken the country from the inside. The possibility of an external and unexpected intervention cannot be completely ruled out, as they are ready to stretch the front in our direction and destabilise the situation.”

Vadim Borovik noted that it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the ‘fighters for independence’ who went abroad, “There they agreed that our territory might be divided. Therefore, citizens should clearly understand that today we are dealing not just with some left opposition that solves its financial issues, secures its life, and exploits some political topic. As they have been sitting in our country for decades, they received some grants and were satisfied with such a puppet role, which should carry out destabilisation during the elections. There, they came under full external control. In fact, they work for foreign governments, are supervised by intelligence officers, and adopted the position that the division of the territory of Belarus is allowed. There are incredibly silly arguments and suggestions that parts of the territory of Belarus will be annexed to Russia. These are such insane statements! These are people who are ready to make a ‘bloodbath’ here in Europe with their own hands. And this will affect Poland, the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, and Germany.”

The fugitive Belarusian opposition supports the destructive aspirations of Warsaw and Vilnius. It is ready to dismember the territory of Belarus in the interests of Poland and break off allied relations with Russia.

The expert stated that Belarus, in turn, is doing everything for de-escalation, “We know about our visa-free travel, and that there have never been any obstacles to the movement of goods and citizens on our part, unless there were grounds for it. We once provided security to Europe in the issue of migration and illegal migration, also co-operated with European institutions, equipped the border and so on. Look at what they are doing. They built this wall, destroy the ecology, disrupt the ecosystem of Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, animals are dying there now. These are our ‘fighters’ for a green planet!  Our neighbouring states are determined to escalate and aggravate the situation – in economy, environmental issues, as well as in terms of good-neighbourly relations. However, their position is destructive. The only correct position is the one taken by Belarus.”

According to independent opinion polls, more than half of Polish citizens (53 per cent) support the elimination of fences on the Polish-Belarusian border and the resumption of normal cross-border trade. About 67 per cent of Poles disagree with the thesis that ‘Belarusian transit’ is the main direction of illegal migration to Poland.

According to environmentalists, the construction of the Polish fence in Belovezhskaya Pushcha has seriously disrupted the ecological balance in the national park. The construction of a road for maintenance of the fence has resulted in waterlogging of forest ecosystems. Transboundary animal populations have been damaged, and soil and forests are being degraded.

The political analyst added that Belarus sees no enemies in the world.

“But we explain to our partners that they cannot talk to us from a position of strength, we are a strong enough country that is able to defend its sovereignty. To do this, we will do everything: raise the economy, deal with the internal agenda, ensure socio-political stability and maintain the Armed Forces in full combat readiness, and keep the powder dry,” Vadim Borovik summed up.