Posted: 11.05.2023 15:38:00

Expert: Great Patriotic War de-heroization concept was developed in the West during Cold War

After the start of the special military operation, Ukraine and the Baltic States began to fight against the memory of the Great Patriotic War with a real satanic frenzy, simply erasing it to zero – as noted by Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of the Board of the Republican Belarusian Znanie Society

“The concept of de-heroization of the image of the Great Patriotic War was developed in the West during the Cold War as one of the key methods of fighting against the USSR. In particular, that process was overseen by the Institute for Study of USSR History and Culture established in Munich in 1950 under the auspices of the CIA. Related propaganda was conducted by various national editorial offices of Radio Svoboda, where many former collaborators worked. In Belarus, in times of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s leadership, a fundamentally different policy is being pursued, and this arouses wild irritation in the West. After all, the latter is hostile to the memory of the war for a reason: the veneration of the feat of our ancestors – which acted as an assemblage point for uniting the peoples of the former Soviet Union – clearly and convincingly testifies to our belonging to a single civilisation, to one historical tradition. Americans want to destroy these connections and ideas, seeking to impose their own vision of the past, present and future. A full-scale war of meanings is in full swing, and Belarus is winning it,” Mr. Gigin stressed.