Posted: 13.12.2023 17:27:00

Eismont on Belarus President’s main thesis at meeting dedicated to foreign visits’ results

There should be no slowdown in the implementation of agreements reached during foreign visits at the top and governmental levels. This is the main thesis that President Aleksandr Lukashenko voiced at today’s meeting discussing the results of his recent foreign visits, Press Secretary of the Head of State Natalya Eismont told journalists, BelTA reports.


“The President convened a meeting, enabling the Government and other officials to launch the implementation of the agreements that were reached during the important foreign negotiations without even slightest delay, almost immediately. The business trip was extremely eventful and difficult. The President has never left the country for so long. Everyone saw the intensity of meetings, talks, and flights – from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic – as the Head of State said,” the Press Secretary noted.

As a result, the trajectory of the far arc work emerges quite clearly and the prospects are very good.

“Africa is one of the most promising destinations, with the President of Belarus encouraging everyone to work intensively at a high pace and with high productivity,” said Natalya Eismont.

As the President noted, there are no problems in co-operation with China. “This is our strategic partner with whom we have collaborated, are liaising and will continue to co-operate,” the spokesperson underlined.

There is also great mutual interest with the United Arab Emirates, not only in a bilateral format, but as the Head of State indicated, regarding our possible joint work in Africa.

The talks of the government delegation in Uzbekistan and Vietnam were also tackled during the meeting, with Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko reporting in detail on the results of the trip.

“As far as the Belarusian-Uzbek relations are concerned, there’re specific plans and projects. And we can say that we are reviving the Vietnamese direction. Both sides are ready for this,” the Press Secretary of the Head of State shared the details.

During the meeting, the President placed particular focus on the fact that deputy PMs should actively join the work. The Head of State demands no less activity from ambassadors and the Foreign Ministry as a whole. “In general, the results have been summed up, the tasks have been set, areas of responsibility have been distributed. No slowdown is the President’s main thesis and demand,” Natalya Eismont emphasised.

As BelTA reported, over the past two weeks Aleksandr Lukashenko has visited a range of foreign countries.

In early December, he took part in the World Climate Action Summit in the UAE and held numerous meetings with foreign colleagues on the sidelines of this forum.

Afterwards, the President visited China, where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Upon returning to the United Arab Emirates, the Belarusian Head of State met with UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

From the UAE, Aleksandr Lukashenko headed to Africa: an official two-day visit to Equatorial Guinea and a working visit to Kenya.

In turn, Belarus’ PM Roman Golovchenko visited Uzbekistan and Vietnam these days, with negotiations and meetings taking place at various levels.