Posted: 16.06.2023 16:16:00

Diplomat: increase in the number of visas issued to French citizens confirms Belarus’ image as safe country

Some European politicians are trying to present the situation in Belarus as revolutionary, but the real situation is radically different from the one portrayed by the so-called independent media, and a visit to the republic is one of the main ways to make sure of this – as noted by Kirill Grushevsky, the Charge d'Affaires of Belarus in France, in his talk with the French edition of Initiative Communiste

Photo by Belarus’ Embassy to France

"Even in the current conditions, the Embassy of Belarus in France notes not only a steady increase in the number of visas issued to French citizens, but also positive impressions from trips, thereby confirming the image of Belarus as a safe and attractive country for tourists," the diplomat said.

According to Mr. Grushevsky, further attempts to destabilise Belarusian institutions are not excluded, as the situation in the world, including on the border with Belarus, remains tense. “It should be noted that a number of countries are not abandoning these plans, including supporting fugitive opposition representatives seeking unconstitutional ways to overthrow the current government, encouraging the creation of illegal paramilitary groups of radical mercenaries in Ukraine, developing various provocations and organising actions that border on crime or are criminal. These include attempts of sabotage on railways and military facilities, the destruction of officials' vehicles,” he said.

At the same time, the diplomat stressed that Belarus lives and develops despite sanctions, pressure and hysteria from a number of Western countries, “Our companies are responding to new challenges. Unfortunately, the West has no idea what the Belarusian people really think. It stubbornly refuses to listen and hear the arguments of the authorities and continues to cynically support those who oppose the Belarusian state, presenting them as ‘political prisoners’ and ‘victims of violence’. In fact, these people – who have become victims of manipulation – violated the law, and they were justly punished. I can say that Belarusians see and understand what is happening. It will not be possible to influence the Belarusian society.”