Posted: 06.04.2023 13:42:00

Deputy foreign ministers of Belarus and Russia discuss promotion of joint priorities in OSCE

Moscow hosted Belarusian-Russian inter-ministerial consultations at the level of deputy foreign ministers with the participation of permanent representatives of Russia and Belarus to the OSCE. The Belarusian delegation was headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Yuri Ambrazevich, the Russian delegation was led by Alexander Grushko.


“During the consultations, the parties shared views on topical issues of common European security, including the problems of NATO, the EU and the Council of Europe. In the context of co-ordinating actions within the Union State framework, the prospects for promoting joint priorities through the OSCE were discussed,” the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s press service noted.

It is specified that during the visit, Belarus’ Deputy Foreign Minister Yuri Ambrazevich also met with Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Vershinin to discuss the directions for further co-operation between Belarus and Russia at the UN platform.