Posted: 22.11.2022 11:39:00

Department of State said US closely monitoring reports of execution of Russian POWs by Ukrainian Armed Forces

US authorities are closely monitoring the reports of Ukrainian soldiers shooting Russian prisoners of war and believe that the laws of war should apply to all parties equally – as stated during a briefing by American Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice Beth Van Schaack, who oversees issues at the US Department of State that relate to the suppression of war crimes and their investigation, TASS reports


“We are obviously tracking that quite closely. It’s really important to emphasise that the laws of war apply to all parties equally,” she said.

According to her, Washington urges Kiev to abide by international obligations in this conflict and underlines the importance that all parties to the conflict must abide by international law. “Otherwise, they will face the consequences,” said the US Ambassador-at-Large.