Posted: 09.02.2023 09:47:00

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says country is not afraid to compete with US

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning noted that Beijing does not shy away from or fear competition with Washington, but at the same time believes that countries should not build relations on the principle of a zero-sum game, where one side wins at the expense of the other, TASS reports


Mao Ning stressed that Beijing opposes using competition to define the entire China-US relationship. According to her, a major power should not discredit and slander other states, hiding behind the word ‘competition’.

“Successful China and successful US separately are an opportunity, not a challenge to each other. The vast land can fully accommodate the development and common prosperity of China and the United States,” she said.

The representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry noted that China will continue to develop relations with the United States on the basis of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial co-operation. On the other hand, China will always protect its sovereignty, security and development interests.