Posted: 26.01.2023 13:46:00

British authorities fail to cope with tasks to improve environment situation

The report from the UK Environment Agency indicates that the UK government has not come closer to achieving any of the twenty-three environmental targets that were set earlier, the Financial Times reports


It is noted that in 2018, Britain published a plan to improve the environment for the next 25 years. It even sets goals that are legally binding: achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and halving the number of rivers polluted by metals from abandoned mines by 2038.

However, the organisation’s report said that the current pace and scope of government action will not lead to the changes necessary to significantly improve the state of the environment in the country.

The study assessed 32 environmental areas – from species numbers to air and water quality improvements – and found nine trends were improving, eleven were static, and eight were deteriorating.