Posted: 01.11.2021 17:34:00

Belarusian gastronomic business looks promising

Gastronomic business is attractive and looks promising for the country – as stated by Mikhail Zhigalo, the Head of the Trade and Public Catering Department at Belarus’ Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade in his talk to the Belarus 1 TV channel


“Gastronomic tourism is not a new direction but we view it as extremely attractive and promising for our country. In this regard, we plan to take appropriate measures to develop gastrotourism in Belarus. A working group has already been established on the basis of the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade to co-ordinate this activity. In 2020, the group developed a roadmap which envisages a range of measures to promote Belarus’ gastronomic potential. These events primarily aim at international promotion of the Belarusian national cuisine, our domestic producers and the country’s gastronomic potential. In addition, guests to Belarus are supposed to be informed on culinary events and gastronomic festivals in the Republic,” Mr. Zhigalo said.

According to the official, the gastronomic tourism might be diverse, “There is no need for gastrotourism objects to focus exclusively on our Belarusian cuisine since other objects are also available. These represent the cuisine of different nations and will also be attractive to visitors of our country. Actually, there are about 160-170 public catering facilities in Belarus which focus on the national cuisine, and a good potential for growth is registered. The group’s activities will be aimed at increasing the number of such facilities this year.”