Posted: 20.04.2022 15:01:00

Belarus, Russia will start implementing new sci-tech programme in 2022

The Union State’s Complex-SG programme concerns the development of basic elements of orbital and ground-based facilities and aims to create joint multi-satellite groupings of small-sized spacecraft for observing the Earth's surface and near-Earth outer space

“We should create not only high-tech products, but also prepare personnel for the space industry,” Sergei Korenyako – who heads the department of joint space and IT programmes at the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ United Institute of Informatics Problems – said. “It is planned that, on our part, various institutes of the National Academy of Sciences, enterprises of the State Authority for Military Industry, universities and other organisations of the country will be involved in the space programme.”

Plans are really tremendous. They, firstly, envisage development of a new design of a small-sized space platform in order to create spacecraft for various purposes in a short time. Secondly, development of new functional nodes – such as solar panels, orientation and stabilisation systems, and more – are planned. They will enable spacecraft to actively exist in orbit for at least seven years.