Posted: 19.01.2022 17:12:00

Belarus-Russia co-operation in space industry restored

Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences is completing its work over a Union State programme – Complex-SG – aimed at development of Belarusian-Russian space research and the Earth remote sensing


Its concept was approved by the Council of Ministers of the Union State in late 2021 and, in the coming future, the programme will be presented to state customers from Belarus and Russia.

“The programme is for the first time aims to create an orbital grouping of a small spacecraft and two nanosatellites: Belarusian and Russian. They will be managed in concert and interact with each other,” Sergei Korenyako, who heads the Department of Joint Space and Information Technology Programmes at the United Institute of Informatics Problems of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, explains. “The main goal is to provide operational, reliable and high-quality information obtained by remote sensing to meteorologists, environmental experts, the Emergencies Ministry personnel, farmers, surveyors, geologists, and others.”

Complex-SG is the 8th Union State programme in the field of space exploration and use. According to the scientist, the key here is that stable scientific and technical co-operation between Belarusian and Russian organisations – which was established back in the USSR – has been restored. As a result, it is now possible to independently create, while complementing each other, competitive information technologies, materials, electronic component base and devices, despite the western sanctions.