Posted: 01.12.2021 14:39:00

Belarus ready to participate in development of new international document on pandemics

Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich stated that Belarus is ready to participate in negotiations on development of a new international document on pandemics – as reported by the Healthcare Ministry’s press service

Photo by Healthcare Ministry’s press service

Speaking at a special session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) held in Geneva via videoconferencing, Mr. Pinevich stated, "We are all united in the understanding that – against the background of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with its devastating consequences for socio-economic development of all countries of the world – the status quo is no longer acceptable.” He believes the unresolved or emerging challenges in the field of healthcare simply exacerbate the negative trends in global politics, while complicating the processes of sustainable development.

According to Belarus’ Healthcare Minister, the launch of an intergovernmental process to develop a framework convention (or other WHA document) on preparedness and response to pandemics in the field of public healthcare is an important step in changing the status quo in the interests of all. “Belarus supports the decision of this WHA special session to start negotiations on development of an international document on pandemics," Mr. Pinevich said, assuring the session participants of Belarus’ readiness to actively and constructively participate in the process, including as a member of the WHO Executive Committee.