Posted: 15.05.2023 13:02:00

Belarus’ Prosecutor General: Nazism is part of ideology in many states

The truth about the genocide and the Great Patriotic War is extremely necessary to survive in the current war. In his talk with the ONT TV channel, Prosecutor General Andrei Shved explained how fascists – with the help of white-red-white symbols – worked with thousands of young Belarusians so that they would destroy their own countrymen.

Photo: video screenshot

According to Mr. Shved, fascism and Nazism are now a new (and also old) ideological platform, “It is based on actions aimed at overthrowing the ruling power, the legitimate authorities in a number of states. That was the case in Belarus in August 2020.”

The Prosecutor General added that the number of evidences that fascists used white-red-white symbols to change the minds of young people is growing. “In the 1940s, thousands of young Belarusians went to Germany, where they underwent special training and fought against the Soviet Army in SS uniforms, with white-red-white chevrons. Already then, plans were prepared that all Belarusians who lived on the territory of the BSSR were subject to complete destruction. Punitive battalions were being prepared on the territory of Germany, among which there were also Ukrainian nationalists. A year before the attack, they had already been trained. We are not taught this at school.”

Mr. Shved noted that the truth about the genocide and the Great Patriotic War is extremely necessary today to survive and win in the current [ideological and other] war, which is unfortunately beginning to gain momentum.