Posted: 28.11.2023 11:09:00

Belarus proposes to organise direct air flight with Venezuela

Belarus proposes to organise direct air travel with Venezuela – as stated by Deputy PM Piotr Parkhomchik during the plenary meeting of the Belarusian-Venezuelan Joint Commission on Trade-Economic Co-operation

“In the current difficult geopolitical situation, efficient transport links are of paramount importance for our countries. I propose to discuss the possibilities of organising direct air travel between our states and transportation of goods by sea, including with the involvement of countries friendly to us.”

According to him, Belarus sees great prospects in collaboration with Venezuela in forestry, mining, healthcare, tourism and education, “To intensify liaisons, we should not limit ourselves only to issues of current interaction on various projects, but we should have a strategy for the medium and long term. I suggest discussing the prospects for developing and agreeing on a new draft roadmap, adapted to current realities. I propose to share views on filling this document with certain activities.”