Posted: 02.02.2024 11:12:00

Belarus’ PM on EAEU digital development priorities

The development of a system of public electronic services, digital modernisation of industry and ensuring the country’s digital sovereignty are the key tasks for the Eurasian Economic Union in the field of digital transformation – as stated by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko at the Digital Almaty 2024 forum


As noted by Mr. Golovchenko, the EAEU member states are aware of the opportunities and related challenges in this area, making efforts to achieve high positions in the global competition for digital leadership. “They play an important role for Belarus, acting as means of achieving high rates of socio-economic development,” he said, adding that digital technologies are becoming increasingly popular, since ‘they are daily changing our lifestyle, penetrating into all spheres of human activity’. “The volume of digital data is growing rapidly and already exceeds the global infrastructure capabilities needed to process it,” the PM said.

Mr. Golovchenko noted that cloud computing and the accumulation of data arrays have become a huge business, with global revenue estimated at more than $300bn, “An increasing number of people are joining social networks, and this process is far from being fully controlled by the states. Robots and artificial intelligence are becoming a part of our lives. According to analysts, they will bring in more than one percent of global GDP growth by 2030.”

The PM recalled that industrial enterprises are transforming their management and production processes, minimising direct labour costs through the use of digital technologies, changing the approaches to doing business that have developed over decades. “It can be stated with confidence that technological progress in the digital sphere is not just far from reaching a plateau, but is accelerating from year to year,” Mr. Golovchenko stated.