Posted: 14.10.2021 13:45:00

Belarus is a strategic partner for China

In his talk to Alfa Radio, political scientist Piotr Petrovsky emphasised that China views Belarus as a stable strategic partner

“It is important for Belarus to build up special relations with China as a new centre of power. China assists our country and recognises co-operation with it not simply as a strategic project. Belarus is an image partner for this country in Europe and China is thus demonstrating that there is an alternative to the western path of development,” the expert stated.   

Mr. Petrovsky added that Belarus has been working with China for a long time and, despite any opportunistic aspects, we are consistently enhancing our co-operation.

“China views us as a stable strategic partner, from whom it is clear what to expect. Belarus has gained a reputation over the years,” Mr. Petrovsky believes. “At the Great Stone Park, China establishes joint production facilities that completely replace German equipment. This, in turn, enables us to get involved into China’s investment projects.”