Posted: 16.04.2022 11:44:00

Belarus’ Embassy staff take part in nationwide subbotnik in Uzbekistan

As part of the nationwide subbotnik, the staff of the Embassy of Belarus in Uzbekistan worked to landscape the memorable places associated with an outstanding Belarusian poet, academician Yakub Kolas – as reported by the Belarusian diplomatic mission

Photo by Belarus’ Embassy in Uzbekistan

A bust of the national poet and writer of Belarus was unveiled in Tashkent in August 2018. From 1941 to 1943, Yakub Kolas and his family were evacuated to Uzbekistan. It was during that period that he wrote a number of his famous works, including Tribunal in the Forest, Reckoning, Uzbekistan and Chimgan poems.

A street and a square in the centre of Uzbekistan’s capital are named after the Belarusian literary classic.