Posted: 15.08.2022 11:22:00

Belarus’ Economy Ministry to develop general concept of the country’s national brand by late 2022

Ruslan Neverovich, Deputy Director of the Economy Ministry’s Entrepreneurship Department, spoke about the timing of the preparation of a general concept for creating Belarus’ national brand – as reported on the Economy Ministry’s website


Ruslan Neverovich recalled that now, within the framework of the ‘roadmap’ approved by the government, the work is currently underway to create Belarus’ brand for Belarus.

“A pool of experts boasting competencies in the field of territorial branding has been formed. The Economy Research Institute of the Economy Ministry is carrying out a scientific study, the results of which should form a general concept for creating a national brand by the end of the year,” commented the expert. “The issue of creating an online platform for the development and subsequent promotion of the brand of Belarus is also being worked out.”