Posted: 06.10.2021 09:02:00

Belarus cuts down export duties on oil and petroleum products

Since October 1st, Belarus has reduced its export duties on oil and petroleum products shipped outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union – as envisaged by Resolution No. 556 of the Council of Ministers as of September 30th posted on the National Legal Internet Portal


In line with the document, export duty rates change, in particular, for crude oil, fuel oil, petroleum bitumen, petroleum jelly and paraffin, waste oils – $62.8 per one tonne (previously $64.6), straight-run gasoline – $34.5 per one tonne (previously $35.5), commercial gasoline, diesel fuel, light and medium distillates, benzene, toluene, xylene, lubricating oils – $18.8 per one tonne (previously $19.3).

Previously, the rates of export customs duties for crude oil and certain categories of oil products changed on September 1st – also decreasing then.