Posted: 15.02.2022 13:09:00

Anfimov: everything is ready for referendum in Belarus

Everything is ready for the referendum in Belarus, Leonid Anfimov, First Deputy Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee, CIS Executive Secretary, head of the office of the CIS observation mission, told reporters, BelTA informs

“Of course, we won’t cover all the polling stations. We visit the polling stations selectively. It’s important for us to meet with the territorial commissions today. We have already met with almost everyone. Tomorrow I’m leaving on a business trip to Grodno I will meet with the regional commission. Then we’ll go to Lida, Novopolotsk, where we will also meet with territorial commissions and look at the readiness for the referendum, the readiness of the polling stations, also selectively. Today we have practically 100 percent coverage of all the territorial electoral bodies of the Republic of Belarus,” noted Mr. Anfimov.

According to him, everything is running normally. “The situation in Belarus is calm, normal. Everything is ready to hold a referendum calmly, in line with international norms and the internal legislation of the country,” said head of the office of the CIS observation mission.