Posted: 11.07.2022 15:42:00

About 115,000 foreigners used the Belarusian visa-free regime

The corresponding information was reported by the Telegram channel of the State Border Committee of Belarus

The press service of the State Border Committee specified that, since April 15th, 75,605 citizens of Lithuania, 29,024 citizens and 9,336 non-citizens of Latvia have used the opportunity to enter our country without a visa.

Since July 1st, when the visa-free regime for Poles crossing the Polish-Belarusian section of the border began to operate, about 500 Polish citizens have entered Belarus, and over 200 – over the past weekend alone.

From July 8th-10th, 6,517 foreigners entered Belarus: 4,180 citizens of Lithuania, 1,676 citizens and 445 non-citizens of Latvia, 216 citizens of Poland.

The detailed information on the rules of visa-free entry to Belarus can be found on the website of the State Border Committee and in the Granitsa Belarus (Border of Belarus) mobile app.