Posted: 27.12.2023 10:36:00

105th anniversary of BSSR proclamation discussed at NAS

Scientists and experts considered controversial issues of the Soviet period of Belarus’ past at a round table discussion dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the proclamation of the Socialist Soviet Republic of Belorussiya

The meeting at the National Academy of Sciences gathered not only Belarusian historians, political and government figures, representatives of public organisations, but also scientists from Russia – which highlighted the desire to look into the republic’s past in a broad and unbiased way.

The greeting of the Head of State, Aleksandr Lukashenko, to the participants was read out by the Deputy Head of the President Administration, Igor Lutsky, “The formation of the Socialist Soviet Republic of Belorussiya on January 1st, 1919 was the beginning of the formation of national statehood. The centuries-old desire of our people to have their own state was for the first time put into practice. The phenomenon of the SSRB changed the course of national history, gave rise to the glorious chronicle of the country, made it possible to consolidate the nation and preserve its original culture. With the proclamation of Soviet Belorussiya, citizens gained freedom, became masters of their land, and got a chance to pursue a sovereign path.”

As stated by Mr. Lutsky, the event was notable since the historical science should constantly inspire society with new ideas. “At some point we forgot our Soviet past, and that was our mistake. The present life is based on the Soviet people’s achievements. It is important that the results of fundamental science research do not dissolve in the academic environment, but reach the public,” he said.

The participants of the event noted the fact that detractors in the West are eager to destroy our historical memory. Historical facts and events are being distorted and falsified. In particular, much dirt is poured out on the Soviet period, and the exploits of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers are lost behind these streams of lies. In order to prevent distortion and falsification of our historical memory, the personalities, events and facts should be assessed primarily from the point of view of the Belarusian people.

Sergei Tretyak, the Head of Belarus’ Modern History Department at the NAS’ History Institute, stressed, “Soviet Belarus is the foundation on which our modern state is built. There would be no Republic of Belarus without the SSRB, and subsequently the BSSR – and this should be taken for granted. After all, we occupy the place in the UN that the BSSR took in 1945 as a founding country.”