Welcoming slogan highlights image

Mogilev to position itself as heart of Eastern Europe

By Sergey Kulyagin

‘My City of Mogilev is the Heart of Eastern Europe’ has won a contest to find the best slogan for the regional city. The City of Mogilev — a Unique City contest was judged by famous Mogilev historians, local folklore experts and figures of culture and arts, who selected the best 20 ideas from 105 entries.

Pavel Lyubchenko’s slogan won, cleverly creating an acrostic with its initial letters to denote that Mogilev is a city of light. The bright, informative and memorable slogan encapsulates the essence of the city on the River Dnieper, reminding us of its historical, geographical and philosophical importance. The city welcomes visitors with an open heart, and the new slogan is soon to appear on billboards, posters and cross street banners. Other bright ideas are also to be applied to promote Mogilev’s image.

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