Touring with inspiration

Ensemble of Belarusian song — Ternitsa — plans 55 concerts abroad this year

By Nadezhda Radivonova

The band has recently been granted a special Presidential award (for figures of culture and art of 2010), recognised for its significant artistic achievement and concert activity. “For 26 years, we’ve remained faithful to Belarusian song and shall continue to promote our national culture. This year, we won’t reduce our momentum. We’ve established good ties with the Belarusian diaspora abroad and expect to tour widely, domestically and abroad. We have huge plans. We’re very pleased that our work has been awarded,” says one of the heads of Belarus’ honoured amateur team, Iosif Nesterovich.

Ternitsa has won various international and Republican festivals and contests, representing our national art abroad: in Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Egypt, Israel, Libya, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, South Korea and China. The band is an active participant of Belarus’ concert programmes, visiting towns and cities countrywide. In the past three months, Ternitsa has given over 60 concerts. Their repertoire is ever expanding, including the large scale From Christmas to Harvesting Time project, covering all the seasons of the year and reflecting Belarusian traditions. Four discs of folk songs and original compositions have been released.

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