Stadler fulfils order

Swiss company assembles first electrical city train for Belarus, to begin operating in 2011 between Minsk-Passazhirsky and Zhdanovichi
Belarusian Railways is visiting Switzerland to inspect and accept the first electrical city train, designed for a new format of passenger transportation. In late January, the electric city train will arrive in Belarus for pre-operational tests. “In the late third and early fourth quarter of 2011, it will begin serving the Minsk-Zhdanovichi route. In future, the route may be extended to Zaslavl,” notes the press service of Belarusian Railways. In late winter and early spring, the second and third Swiss electrical trains will arrive in Belarus, with Stadler supplying ten contemporary electrical trains in all, each costing around 6m Euros. These will connect the Belarusian capital with its satellite towns.
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