Post-Chernobyl reality given attention

Chernobyl and Belarus: Past, Present and Future exhibition to tour six EU countries

By Olga Shumeiko

The exhibition, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe, is one of several events prepared by the Belarusian Government.

From February to May 2011, the exhibition will visit the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, showing European residents the real post-Chernobyl situation in Belarus. It explores the state’s efforts to overcome the consequences of the disaster and their results, while highlighting the existing problems our country continues to face. It has been steadily and systematically dealing with the consequences for all these years.

Children’s drawings are on display as part of the exhibition, including those which won the Chernobyl: Past, Present and Future contest, organised in 2009. The works on show include those from the We Feel in This Way catalogue of children’s paintings and those by Belarusian artists: Pain, Drawn with a Brush.
The premiere has already taken place in Czech Prague.

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