Pleasant draw

Undoubtedly, the main event of recent time was in Borisov, where our football team achieved a draw in the game with France
For the past few years, our team has been systematically losing spectators, ambitions and results. Once the country’s favorite team, it began to engender irritation and disappointment in the fans that escalated into hostility between both fans and players. Everything that the whole of the Belarusian Football Federation was not able to do in recent years, was achieved in just a few months by the Marketing and Communications Department of the Belarusian Football Federation, headed by Vladimir Berezhkov. As a result, there was a full house in the Borisov-Arena and an important opening draw.

Playing a draw with the French

Experts can discuss the quality of the game, but emotionally this match will be remembered for a long time. We defended for the most part, our only chance of gaining points was through total concentration, determination and dedication. The roaring of the crowds in the stands certainly contributed to the fact that the players went toe to toe during the entire match, and played at their best. So this draw is an achievement that we hope will further unite the team. It is crucial now not to fail in Holland, where our team will have the second qualifying match. After that, in a non-stop regime, they will have the third home match against Luxembourg — never an easy contender, but still within our grasp. If we get 4 points from these meetings, we will begin the winter holidays in an extremely festive and cheerful mood.

By Semen Bondarev

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