Ministers co-ordinate plan

Memorandum to establish joint commission for trade and economic co-operation signed by Belarus and Ecuador

On meeting the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration of the Republic of Ecuador, Ricardo Patino Aroca, Belarus’ Foreign Minister, Sergei Martynov, stressed that the present meetings and arrangements will lay a strong foundation for more vigorous co-operation between our states. He believes that Belarus and Ecuador enjoy wonderful political relations, interacting well within the international arena. However, he is convinced that our bilateral relations should be cemented by economic links. The parties discussed exchanging trade and economic delegations and agreed to prepare a common action plan to identify major co-operation trends.

The ministers acknowledged the need to intensify the development of legislation while preparing framework agreements on trade and economic co-operation, education and visa free travel for holders of diplomatic and service passports. In addition, Ecuador has suggested signing an agreement on sci-tech collaboration.

Ricardo Patino Aroca noted that Ecuador is ready to become a platform for Belarus to join the Latin American market. He expressed confidence that our bilateral relations will gain strength.

Evidently, Ecuador is a promising partner for Belarus in South America. Our bilateral trade may be insignificant at present, but steady growth has been evident. Belarus’ major exports to Ecuador are potash and nitrogen fertilisers, with the supply of tyres rising continuously.

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