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Originals of two Frantsisk Skorina editions arrive in Polotsk

Medieval breath on the pages

Originals of two Frantsisk Skorina editions arrive in Polotsk

The Museum of Belarusian Book Printing, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, recently welcomed guests to the unveiling of two editions made by prominent Polotsk-born Frantsisk Skorina: Ecclesiast and The First Book of Kings, released in Prague in 1518. They are kept permanently at the National Library of Belarus but, due to close co-operation between the library and the Polotsk museum, visitors can currently view the originals created by Skorina — the first printer and enlightener.

In September, the museum gave several more special exhibitions. From Veliky Novgorod, there were rare 16th-19th century editions connected with Belarusians. Polotsk’s museum also hosted the Best Books of Belarus event, featuring Belarusian laureates of the Art of Book-2014 National Contest. The Museum of Belarusian Book Printing accepted its first visitors on September 8th, 1990, during celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Frantsisk Skorina. The museum is dedicated to books in all their aspects, from first manuscript scrolls to contemporary editions. It aims to familiarise visitors with the history of written language, writing implements, book illustrations and graphic art.

By Olga Vasilieva
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