Geography of participants expanding, with more nationalities joining

Spaniards, Venezuelans and Africans join 9th Republican Festival of National Cultures in Grodno

By Lidia Novikova

The city is already preparing for the holiday, which is to be held from June 1st-3rd. Its streets and squares are being brought into order while work is soon to start on the city’s historical centre — hosting national ‘craft centres’.

The programme covers around 50 events — from concerts, contests and thematic festivals, to exhibitions and the festival’s trademark fancy-dress theatrical parade. A Town of Craftsmen and a national cuisine fair are also planned.

At least twenty new projects are being organised, including an exhibition of national economic achievements, a parade of Belarusian technology, a contest of athletes and a festival of combat sports.

Each year, the number of entrants rises. The first festival brought together just 11 national-cultural associations while the 8th, organised two years ago, welcomed 33 nationalities. This year, three more are to join the holiday: the Spaniards, Venezuelans and representatives of African nations.

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