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Efficient bilateral vector along Minsk-Beijing axis

This year’s first issue of Belarus magazine is almost completely dedicated to Belarusian-Chinese relations. It should be noted that many materials in this issue have been prepared in co-authorship with journalists from China magazine.

By Vasily Kharitonov

Accordingly, relying on views from both sides, journalists have traced the past 20 years of diplomatic relations between our two friendly states. High ranking officials have also given their assessments of these relations — such as Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister and Co-chair of the Chinese-Belarusian Commission for Trade and Economic Co-operation, Anatoly Tozik, and Belarus’ Foreign Minister, Sergei Martynov. Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, describes the definite content of the bilateral relations. China’s Vice Minister for Commerce, the deputy representative of international trade negotiations, Zhong Shan — who also co-chairs the Chinese-Belarusian Commission for Trade and Economic Co-operation, shares his views, as do ambassadors from both countries, accredited in Minsk and Beijing.

In this issue of Belarus magazine, there is a look at the joint economic and scientific projects. Each year, increasing numbers of Chinese students choose to study in Belarus, while a great many Belarusians also work or study in China. The rich culture of the contemporary nations helps in bringing us together in friendship.

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