Delighted to see record beaten

Alina Talay climbs pedestal again, claiming 100m hurdles gold in German Regensburg, and beating previous national record set by Lidiya Yurkova, 26 years ago
Alina is ranked fifth for women’s hurdles worldwide, and is still improving, notes former coach Victor Myasnikov, who is confident that she can beat her new national record of 12.63 seconds. The fantastic result is only Alina’s second race of the season. At the US Diamond League, she covered 100m in 12.85 seconds, and, all being well, may show a time of 12.55 seconds at the Rio Games. We hope for Olympic gold but the hurdles are notoriously unpredictable. Two athletes fell at the World Championship.

Alina Talay shows perfect results on eve of Olympiad

This is not the first time that Alina Talay has broken a record. Last year, she took 60m gold at the European Championship, breaking the national record set by Lidiya Yurkova. Alina commented, “The record is almost as old as I am; for the past few years, I’ve had my sights set on this record. My goal to surpass it was quite ambitious and I’m happy to have done so.”

By Alexey Grishin

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