Artistic wonders appear from… the attic

Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace in Gomel hosts unique exhibition by painter Tatiana Shubina
As part of the Gomel — Cultural Capital of the CIS and Belarus-2011 project, the International Craft Guild of Masters from St. Petersburg has presented a unique exhibition entitled Metal Scrap Art — the Art of Waste Metal. Ms. Shubina works with one of the most intriguing materials in contemporary art: rubbish. Although scrap art (or trash) is a modern trend, it also embraces the traditions of classical sculpture, using everyday items to create small wonders: old tools and components from household appliances, wheels, speedometers, springs, headlights, water taps, and all manner of rusty teapots, spoons, brushes and other kitchen utensils. Outlandish fish, birds and insects are borne from her imagination, while some are equipped with mechanical devices allowing them to move: birds and insects flutter and turn their heads while fish move their tails and fins. “Image is always a priority in my works, so each detail should fit the form and contribute to the whole,” notes Tatiana. “I select some details intuitively or use an experimental approach. I try to ensure variety in size and texture without destroying the integrity of my vision.”
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