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Artistic heritage of master to be presented in home country

Marc Chagall’s works from Israel Museum coming to Minsk
By Victor Mikhailovsky

The Marc Chagall: Life and Love exhibition, displaying works from the collection of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, is being hosted by the National Art Museum in November. It is the 125th anniversary of the birth of the artist this year — widely celebrated worldwide.

The unique collection of 89 works by the famous master is being presented for the first time to residents of the Belarusian capital, with many having only ever been seen at the Israel Museum and at temporary exhibitions abroad. In particular, three famous paintings are to be exhibited: The Praying Jew, The Synagogue in Sadef, and The Lovers. His drawings and prints from 1910 through to the 1960s are to be on show: landscapes, portraits, still life works, genre compositions and book illustrations.

Marc Chagall: Life and Love is being organised by the Israel Museum at the initiative (and with financial support from) the Ministry of Culture of Belarus. The Belarusian Embassy to Israel and the Israeli Embassy to Belarus have given their help, with funding contributed by the British American Tobacco Trading Company.

Belarusians first saw Marc Chagall’s original works at the National Art Museum in 1997, when his granddaughters Bella and Meret Meyer celebrated the anniversary of his birth by arranging an exhibition in Belarus. It was entitled Marc Chagall. Works from the Mediterranean Period. Gouaches, Watercolours, Lithographs (1949-1985). The Museum has also hosted other such exhibitions: Marc Chagall. Dedication to Paris; Marc Chagall. Landscapes; Marc Chagall and the Scene; and Marc Chagall. In Black and White. Belarusian fans of his unique style have received rare opportunities to view the multifaceted artistic legacy of their famous compatriot.
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