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Chinese tourists can now visit Belarus without visas

Chinese tourists can now visit Belarus without visas

Starting from this September, Chinese tourists will able to visit Belarus without visas as part of organised groups. The protocol for the agreement between the government of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China on mutual visa-free group tourist trips came into force in August.

The new rule means that groups of tourists (comprising five or more people), organised by tour companies, will be able to come to the country without visas. Members of the group must have documents for travelling abroad while the heads of the party must have invitation letters from tourist organisations, appointed by another contracting party. From last year, Chinese tourists have been able to come to Belarus and remain in the country without visas for three days. Normally, citizens of the People’s Republic of China arriving on direct flights from China need to have a valid visa issued by the state — a member of the European Union or a member state of the Schengen Zone.

At present, Belarus boasts significant potential for the development of all types of tourism. This is an ideal place for those keen on holidaying in ecologically pure and untouched corners of the world. Many natural areas in our country are viewed as excusive in Europe. In recent years, military tourism has also become fashionable, that is, trips to countries and cities which hosted famous battles. In this respect, Belarus can be viewed as a themed military history park. The country has nowhere untouched by the war. Places are marked by defensive constructions, monuments and memorials, installed to honour famous battles, as well as our military and local history museums.

By Veniamin Mikheev
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