2012 becomes the year of museums

Celebrations to mark the 130th anniversary of the birth of classical Belarusian literary giants Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala reach far beyond country’s borders
By Alexander Pimenov

The Topical Problems of Memorial Museums. Traditions and Innovations in Their Development and Activities international round table discussion has been recently held. Belarus’ Deputy Culture Minister, Tadeush Struzhetsky, noted, “This year, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia have joined our celebration of these writers’ anniversaries. It is important not just to us but to all those ethnic Belarusians who reside abroad, and to countries touched by their works; our two People’s Poets of Belarus are deservedly considered as classical writers of world literature.”

According to Mr. Struzhetsky, the development of our national museums is a top priority for state cultural policy. Belarus has established a well-developed network of state and private museums, launching the Museum of Belarusian Nationhood this year, alongside the Nesvizh National Historical and Cultural Museum and the first stage of a new exhibition at the Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum (using interactive multi-media 3D technologies).

While contemporary technologies are widely used at the Belarusian Nationhood Museum, the Yanka Kupala Museum is the first to use 3D technologies — and further exhibitions are to launch next year. “2012 can be informally called a ‘year of museums’ in Belarus,” asserts the Deputy Culture Minister. He notes that, in October, the first national forum — Museums of Belarus — is being held within the state Culture of Belarus programme. This aims to support museum activity countrywide, inspiring creative initiatives and attracting public attention to the many aspects of museum life, while encouraging museum employees in their study, preservation and popularisation of cultural treasures.

The forum will host presentations, exhibitions, contests, scientific-practical seminars and round table discussions, bringing together numerous foreign guests. Mr. Struzhetsky hopes that it will strengthen the professionalism of museum specialists.
The Director of the Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala Language and Literature Institute at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, doctor of philological sciences Alexander Lukashanets, underlines that a twenty volume collection of Yakub Kolas’ works is now almost ready for publication.
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