Posted: 27.05.2022 12:07:00

Western intelligence services planned provocation with victims and shootings in Belarus after elections

The Chairman of Belarus’ Investigative Committee, Dmitry Gora, commented on an interview with a Georgian sniper [posted here] whom Western intelligence services had trained for sabotage preparations in the run-up to the Presidential elections in Belarus. In his talk with the ONT TV channel, Mr. Gora stressed that – by eradicating those attempts – the country's security forces had saved hundreds of lives.

Photo: ONT video screenshot

“I can confirm the facts [that were announced in a TV film]: we have detected a person who was preparing to commit violence on the territory of our country. He is a citizen of Georgia. As part of a criminal case, which is being investigated for conspiracy to commit state violence, for infidelity against the state, this man has been questioned several times as a witness. We have found out the details in order to confirm his words with objective facts. The work continues, and the information presented by this person is being confirmed,” Mr. Gora said.

“True, from 2019, the Western intelligence services were preparing actions similar to what had happened on the Maidan in Ukraine. Provocations with casualties, shooting and work of snipers were prepared. We know what it happened on the Maidan some time after barricades were constructed and power opposition began. Snipers joined then, and there were victims: the process became completely unmanageable. Thank God, we made it impossible to build such barricades, and we prevented confrontation. The state and the power bloc reacted harshly to the beginning of those processes, and everything was stopped. If this had not happened, the scenario about which the Georgian citizen said in his interview would be implemented, there would be hundreds of victims. We can see by the example of Ukraine where we would then have found ourselves. However, I cannot even imagine theoretically that such events might happen in Belarus since we have a strong state and a strong leader – although our enemies thought such development of events was possible, and they were preparing for that,” the Chairman of Belarus’ Investigative Committee added.