Posted: 11.10.2021 13:22:00

Volunteers who help find missing people awarded

In Kalinkovichi, law enforcement officers have awarded the volunteers who help find missing people


Alina Polyakova and Dmitry Rudenok are members of the Simuran search and rescue team which has a strong reputation in search of missing people. For more than a year, they have been engaged in volunteer work which has not gone unnoticed by the District Office of Internal Affairs.

The Office Head, Denis Kot, has thanked Alina and Dmitry for their dedication and solemnly awarded them with cash prizes. “Any contribution is important in a people search,” he stressed.

Of course, volunteers do not replace law enforcement officers. They primarily spread information about a missing person in social networks, talk to citizens who could see them and directly participate in raids. These actions definitely yield results and help professionals in their work.