Posted: 17.11.2023 11:51:59

Upon arrival in Gomel, Lukashenko gave instructions on agriculture: there’s no end to work to be done

Upon his arrival in Gomel, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, began with instructions on agriculture to the Gomel Region Governor and other responsible authorities, BelTA reports


The conversation dealt with finishing the corn harvest. The Head of State underlined that in the current weather it is not good to send machinery into the fields, because there is a high risk of simply breaking it.

“As soon as it dries out, it’s necessary to finish harvesting the corn in a wisely manner,” he said.

Another task is to plough the land, since not all of these works have been completed.

More global and long-term task refers to the continuation of land reclamation works, which is especially acute for the Gomel Region.

“Your task is to think (during winter time) about what needs to be done in early spring. There is no end to the work to be done. It is necessary to put lands in order and restore livestock farming. Go ahead!” the President instructed Ivan Krupko, the Chairman of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee.

Aleksandr Lukashenko expressed certain complaints based on what he saw from the helicopter, e.g., not far from Chechersk, the President drew attention to improper storage conditions for feed.

“Everything is flooded with water, and now you’re going to feed the cattle with this?” the Head of State outlined the problematic issue.

The President also stressed the importance of ensuring the safety of modern expensive agricultural equipment. In this regard he refers to the availability of qualified personnel.

“This equipment requires trained personnel. This is like an ‘airplane’,” he noted.