Posted: 22.04.2024 13:04:00

Tsybulsky: Belarus, Arkhangelsk Region have great potential for co-operation

Belarus and the Arkhangelsk Region enjoy a great potential for co-operation – as stated by Alexander Tsybulsky, the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region of the Russian Federation, during his today’s meeting with the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko


Before the beginning of the conversation, the Russian guest warmly thanked the Head of State and the President Administration’s employees for their hearty welcome of the delegation of the Arkhangelsk Region, “Our delegation to Belarus is representative, and it comprises heads of all executive authorities, as well as more than thirty representatives of large and small businesses who work in different directions. I think we will be able to sum up the preliminary results of the negotiations tomorrow.”

The delegation’s agenda is rich: in addition to meetings with the country’s leadership, its members plan to visit Belarus’ major enterprises.

The Russian Governor thanked Aleksandr Lukashenko for his profound knowledge of the possibilities of interaction between Belarus and the Arkhangelsk Region – ‘despite it is the northernmost subject of the Russian Federation located virtually on the edge of the earth, on the White Sea shore’, as he said. “Nevertheless, there is a great potential for co-operation for the Republic of Belarus and the Arkhangelsk Region. We have created a regulatory framework for this,” Mr. Tsybulsky stressed.

In particular, it will be ten years in 2025 since the signing of the fundamental agreement on co-operation between Belarus and the Arkhangelsk Region. Last year, a new action plan for 2023-2026 was signed at the Ufa Forum of Regions, and – as noted by the Russian Governor – the main areas of co-operation were outlined there in detail. “Actually, today's life dictates new conditions, we must react promptly enough to the changes that are now taking place.”