Posted: 27.09.2021 17:01:00

Tourism development promoted

Information Ministry has launched a series of press tours to Belarus’ regions with an aim of domestic tourism promotion – with the Mogilev Region becoming the first destination

Representatives of the Belarusian media community have visited a farmstead and the V.K. Byalynitski-Birulya Museum in the Belynichi District first and then moved to Mogilev – to walk along its Leninskaya Street and enjoy local sights: the Square of Stars, the building of a former men's gymnasium, the Cathedral of St. Stanislav, the Drama Theatre, the St. Nicholas Convent and the Eternal Flame in the Glory Square.

“Honestly speaking, I didn't imagine that Mogilev is so great. I’m delighted! I will advertise the city to all – including my relatives, friends and newspaper readers,” smiles Yelena Starinovich, the Editor-in-Chief of the Chyrvony Kastrychnik newspaper, from Oktyabrsk.

Tatiana Sergeeva, who heads the Department for Relations with Mass Media, Religious and Ethnic Affairs at the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, adds, “The trip has exceeded all my expectations. For some reason, there is a stereotype that the western part of Belarus is more European, while its eastern territories are more of a Soviet style. Finally, it has been dispelled for me. I’ve seen unexpectedly modern towns and district centres here! I now plan to take my daughter to Mogilev to see its beauty. We want to visit all the regional centres of the country during our summer holidays.”